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Haiti Benefit Concert a Huge Success

February 28, 2010

View Video Footage of Hippies 4 Haiti

The music at the Hippies 4 Haiti Benefit Concert was unbelievable. The sounds were sweet and danceable throughout the entire event. Painted Blue played footstomping bluegrass. The band WynRise won over the crowd with their rockin’ original songs. DotMan played a remarkable on-the-fly harmonica solo. Wineskin had a driving force and searing guitar. (As in, he played his guitar searingly — in a burning, blistering, hot manner.) When Pete Kranz took the stage, the place turned into a kinky reggae party. It was that way all day… one good band after another.

Not only was the music superb but so was the food and the people. It almost felt like a giant family reunion.

Annie Who, the event organizer said, “We did it!! Hippies 4 Haiti was a wonderful success thanks to all of you!

We raised $2420!

Thank you to sound and lighting guy Ron Kohl and his crew!. They worked until 2:30 this morning hauling equipment down those mean back stairs.

Thank you to Andrew for those laser lights!

Thank you to all the bands that donated their time and talent! Wow!! You guys really rocked that room!

Thank you to Grateful Billy Robel and John who cooked up all the delicious food!

Thank you to Mike Riccardi for donating his totally cool venue!

Thank you to the entire Who Crew that collected all the donations and then worked the door like a hippie goon squad!!

Thank you to everyone who brought food and things for ARRR!!

$2420!!!! Hahahaha!! All that is going to Meds and Food for Kids!!

I’m grateful to every one of you for your generosity and energy!!

We are one!!!”

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