This anthology "Snarfel" on Hamana Records includes twenty five recordings over the last thirty years written and produced by Andy Cahan. Some of the musicians performing on the CD are:

Al Garth
Loggins and Messina, Poco
Billy Steel
Steve Perry, Flo & Eddie
Bunk Gardner
Zappa, Geronimo Black, Grandmothers, Tim Buckley
Craig Krampf
Kim Carnes, Nick Gilder, The Motels ,Little Richard, Flo & Eddie
Dave Ellis
Loggins and Messina
Denny Walley
Zappa, Geronimo Black, Grandmothers
Ileen Knovak
Chunky Ernie & Novie
Jimmy Carl Black
Zappa, Captain Beafheart,Geronimo Black,Grandmothers
Jimmy Hunter
Ray Manzarek, "X" , Flo & Eddie
Mike Urso
Rare Earth
Richard Green
It's a Beautiful Day
Tjay Contrelli
Love, Geronimo Black, Grandmothers

1965 (tracks 21 and 23)."
EP" released on an indi label "Rochelle Records" in New Rochelle, New York called "The Individuals", later to be released on Moxi Records in 1977 called "Johnny Farfisa's Greatest Hits. (The last photo inside the Snarfel CD Fold out.
1966 (tracks 22 and 23).an album out again in New Rochelle on "Rochelle Records" called "The Euphorian Railway"
1969 (tracks 19 & 20) two demos for the "Geronimo Black" Album released in 1972 on UNI Records.
1970 (tracks 12, 15, 16, 17 and 18). tracks from a Panda Records die cut clear vinyl picture disc (Panda Records Logo) ....
1970 tracks (13 and 14)
recorded with Bunk Gardner (Zappa) that are found on the "Grandmothers" anthology One Way records 1993 and on Rhino Records "The Grandmothers" Vol.1 and "Looking up Granny's Dress".
1980"s & 1990's Unreleased masters

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