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30 Seconds To Mars Vs. EMI

Friday, February 27th, 2009

30 Seconds to Mars is still in an intense legal battle with EMI records. Jared Leto recently put out this news release:

Still fighting the good fight here in the City of Angels. Working
nonstop in the laboratory, experimenting with any and everything. So
many exciting things happening we wish we could share them with
everyone all the time. Yes, there are those days filled with more
questions than answers and a healthy amount of self doubt but we think
this is the absolute best thing we have ever done to date. Now it’s
just about finishing. About commitment. About surrender. You know the
drill. This part of the story isn’t too different for all of us around
the world. I guess it just depends how the light falls.

So, sorry to say it doesn’t look like we will have a record ready to put out this year….

…just kidding. Hehaw. It’ll be done momentarily and out sometime this
summer. Woooohooooo! We cannot wait. So many secrets to tell about what
we have been up to. Soon….

The EMI situation is still the same unfortunately. They are still
intent on suing us for 30 gazillion dollars and we are still intent on
fighting for what we believe in. We had hopes for some sort of
resolution by now but it’s not yet meant to be. We have prepared
ourselves for whatever outcome may transpire and although we welcome
continued conversation and compromise we remain ready for the battle
for what is right and true.

Whatever happens we promise you all one thing. This new album will be out this year. No. Matter. What.

We miss the road and all of you very much.