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Playing The Game Of Living @

Friday, September 11th, 2009

The Statue Of Liberty Goes Uner

The Statue Of Liberty Goes Under

Playing The Game Of Living (S.O.S. from is an Internet based brain teaser. The picture of The Statue Of Liberty “up to her armpits in water” was taken from a study conducted by the State of New Jersey. The 1999 study forecasts this will be the actual rise in sea level due to human induced climate change. At the time, they thought it would occur within thousands of years.

The idea behind the game is to see if anyone in the world has a solution to human’s determination to self-annihilate — present Earth’s worst case scenario to game players and let them try to win the game. Surely, it would be worth $10,000 to save humankind?

The game was created in 2001. To the world, it appeared to be a futuristic based Sci-Fi; however, the creators considered it more of a forecasting tool. Watching people start to realize the game is not set in the future… that it is set in the present… will be like watching a canary in a coal mine…or a cornered animal? In any event, the publics input through the game will be a strong indicator as to how much time there is for humans to adapt. Do we have hundreds of years? Do we have scores of years? Or, is the worst case scenario no longer a scenario? Is it happening NOW?

Following are some excerpts from recent game players:

“I think it’s great that our characters in this story are starting to wake up realizing that being on opposing teams only creates an imbalance.”

“There is no solution to the problem (much in the same way that you cannot divide by 0).”

“It is a pressing issue and the only way to do anything about it is to put society on hold. Stop cancer research (as much of it may be cured/eliminated by reducing pollutants), stop computer research (it can wait), stop EVERYTHING and redirect all efforts to the problem at hand. Once the solution is found everything can pick-up back where it left off (assuming it wont cause the return of the issue). Right now mankind is running off a cliff while saying aloud, ‘this is a bad idea, I know but I can’t stop myself’”

“If you want things to change, we have to first stop living for ourselves and start living for humanity. Then we must yell in the streets until the number of people involved is so great even the skeptical will wake up.”

“P.S. I know this isn’t going to win this game, even though the money would help me out greatly. I couldn’t help but post because of this scenario’s great undertone to the world we live in today. Thank you for reading.”

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