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Nicolas Lovéro

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009


I receive mails from Rob Saunders of The Deuce Radio Show and from Robert Weingartz of Airplaydirect, and I have found your website on these mails. On your page, I have seen that you make promotions of new artists.

I look to market my music through a record label, cinema (BO films), television, publicity or video games, and I should like to submit you my music.

This is my bio :
I am a french artist and I love music since my adolescence. I began my musician’s learning by following numerous courses of guitar in several schools and academies. I followed in particular musical theory courses and harmony for 5 years, to the music school Paul Beuscher of Paris.

Then, I have stopped guitar and music during 11 years to 1985 at 1996. I have music in my head all the journey since my childhood, music is so stronger that I’m obliged to create and compose to empty my head. There are no musicians in my family, so I think that music is my vocation. That’s why, I have bought a digital piano in 1997 and for 10 years, I created, composed, played and orchestrated 10 pieces of instrumental music, it in self-taught. I registered at home these 10 pieces on an entitled CD : Supernova

My musical style gets closer to that of the Jean-Michel Jarre, Giorgio Moroder, Tangerine Dream and could be also classified in the style theme music.

My tracks are diffused on 11 radios FM and internet : GKRadio Europe (radio web of Nokia), Sound Machine Radio, Bob Birch Radio, Radioweser TV, NAB Radio, Jump Radio, Real radio 1, Oto Radio, Indie Life Radio, Nation Rock Radio, Indie Radio World.

In september 2008 and march 2009, my track “The mistery one” has been in the top 10 of GKRadio Europe.

I created a musical site on Myspace and you can listen to my music on my site Néant Rouge:

If you are interested, contact me.

Best regards,
Nicolas Lovéro